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Have you checked to see if you are buying the right office supplies products, at the right price? There are, very often, better value alternatives, of equal quality, available, do you know what they are? Have you questioned why you buy a high quality item when a ‘value’ alternative would be entirely suitable for the application?

Abbotts offers a complimentary, no obligation, audit to look at your spend and make recommendations which will help you save time and money. ASSSA takes none of your time and offers a great way of checking that you are getting the best deal.Prices vary considerably and need monitoring so why not let Abbotts keep a close eye on what you are buying?

There are also hidden costs that can add up to a 40% extra onto your overall purchasing costs so we consider these too. We audit your last four – six months spend, free of charge & provide a detailed report showing where saving could, or could not, be made. In our experience, an audit, can generally make a 15% – 25% saving.

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